Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Penelope doesn't blessed believe in ghosts!

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

To all the Penelopes who, as little girls, read Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden and dreamed of growing up to solve mysteries.

Did Penelope Corinne Louise Kelley Pembroke read those books? Did she dream of solving mysteries when she grew up? Who knows? All we know is she lived almost 50 years without anything in the least mysterious happening to her, but then Tiny aka Sam walked into her life, and things started popping.

After narrowly escaping disaster a few times in The Bogus Biker, she thinks life will settle down again. Unfortunately, she can't stop thinking about Sam and wondering when--if--he'll turn up again. For all she knows, he may be doing hard time somewhere.

Meanwhile, life must go on, so when her best friend, Mary Lynn Hargrove (the mayor's wife) proposes to turn the town's first school, now an empty shell, into a community center, Penelope says she'll pitch in. That brings Sam out of the woodwork. He advises (warns?) her to back off, but he won't tell her why, so she digs in her heels.

After all, it's only an empty building. Or is it? Where are the voices coming from? And what's in the basement at the bottom of--you've got to be kidding me!--thirteen steps? Her father Jake says when he went to school there, whenever the boiler acted up, everyone joked it was the town's founder and builder of the school, Jeremiah Bowden, making trouble.

But Penelope blessed doesn't believe in ghosts.

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