Friday, July 19, 2013

I, Penelope

 Since everybody's been telling off on me, I suppose it's my turn, so here goes.

My name is Penelope Corinne Louise Kelley Pembroke. I was named for my mother, one of her sisters, and a cousin who died during the German blitz of London during WW II. My mother was a war bride, and she came to Amaryllis in 1946 and settled in with my father Jake Kelley and his family right here in the house where I live now.

I had an idyllic childhood. Then I made a huge mistake--instead of going to college like I should have, I married Travis Pembroke. I don't regret my son Bradley, but that's all I got out of that marriage. I should have gotten out of it a lot sooner, but I believed then--and still do--that marriage is forever. As a divorced Catholic, I knew I couldn't marry again and still receive the sacraments, so I just accepted I'd be alone forever and moved on from there.

Everything's been good--or it was until Sam showed up. Don't ask me who he is. I don't know. Bradley might, but he's not telling me anything.

It's not just that Sam's come close to getting me killed a couple of times...well, maybe I was a little bit responsible, too. It's how he makes me feel, which is guilty with a capital G. He'd have me in bed in a second if I'd let him, and believe me, I've come close.

Meanwhile, my hometown of Amaryllis is changing and not for the better. Bikers, drug-running, feuds, hidden secrets coming out--I don't like any of it.

But I like Sam. I like him too much.

And that's all I have to say about that or anything else. I'm going to tend to the B&;B, mind my own business, take care of Daddy, hope for the best for my son, and not let anybody or anything into my bed except Abijah the cat.

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And watch for a BIG announcement on Monday!

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