Thursday, June 6, 2013

The time has come, the walrus said...OR...The perils of publishing...

With the writing conference and other responsibilities behind me, I awoke on Monday morning knowing the time had come...time to get the first two Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mysteries formatted and uploaded to Kindle. It has not been a fun time. Finally, last night, I uploaded the file and received the wonderful message of ZERO problems found! Time to celebrate, right?

Not. On review, I found two problems:  blank pages where there should have been none and chapter headings starting too far down the page. Fixed those. Still have a page number problem to work out. It seems if I have alternating headers on odd and even pages, the page numbers want to alternate, too. However, a friend sent me some info which, at a quick glance, seems to address the problem, and I'll be tackling it today.

My first task everyday (for a while) is typing 28 pages of the "K" marriages of the county which will go in this year's genealogical society book of which I am the new editor. I figure one page a day will get the task done, and someone has already offered to proof the records. It takes about an hour per page, entering the information into an Excel spreadsheet, not an onerous task by any means, but deciphering some of the handwriting as far as name spellings requires a magnifying glass--and will require discussion/opinion during the proofreading process.

I digress. My goal is to launch the first two books of the Penelope Pembroke series around the 17th of June. During formatting breaks, I'm working on the social media angle for publicizing said launch, but I have plans for something a bit more "out there" for launch day. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, visit my website to read the first chapter of Book 1 The Bogus Biker and also the first chapter of Book 2 The Stubborn Schoolhouse Spirit. Both books will be available free at one time or another and, I believe, available for lending. Books 3 and 4 are scheduled for July, followed by Books 5 and 6 in August.

After that, plans are to launch The Dreamland Series. Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland  was a free read for 30 days here at The Word Place. It will be followed by Under the Sil'vry Moon  and Come with the Love Light Gleaming.  

And, as I settle in for the winter, The Kate Chronicles will become available in short volumes of 6-8 stories with appropriate pricing.

Busy is a good thing to be. Besides, I'm having the time of my life!

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