Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My guest author today is The Small Person

The Birthday Unicorn Named Magic

     Once there was a little unicorn named Magic. She had three fairy godmothers. They protected her because this witch was always trying to get her. So then when it was her birthday when she was turning one, that was the day that she had to prick her horn on a spinning wheel, and she did. And she died after she did that. 
     But then the fairy godmothers cast a spell on everybody to go to sleep until they found a spell for Magic to wake up. So Magic awoke.
     So then she somehow climbed up a tree so no one could find her. She fell off of the tree. She made herself invisible wings, and then she flew around the kingdom. Then she went into a different kingdom, and she got lost. She could not find her way back to her kingdom. The queen and the king were worried.
      Magic found her way through a big cave. A lion was in the cave, and it ate her. She used her magic to get out. Then she saw her castle after she left the cave.



K9friend said...

Loved the story. The Small Person has an active and vivid imagination. Future writer??

Critter Alley

Judy Nickles/Gwyneth Greer said...

Oh, I hope so, Pat! She will have to write all the stories I won't have time to. Her legacy will be folders of notes, clippings, etc. moldering away in file drawers.