Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What defines us?

I was heartened to learn that (some) Democrats had joined with Republicans in calling for further testimony after the Benghazi hearings today. I had almost arrived at the conclusion that politicians (any party) could not be true patriots because of their basic drive for re-election to power and perks. Perhaps that is changing. Perhaps the moral fiber of some elected public servants (and I stress the word servants) survives.

Lies have no place in the public forum. They weaken us as a people and as a country. Lies preclude the possibility of public trust. As an individual, if I catch someone in a lie, I must ultimately forgive them and accord them that magical 'second chance'. But deep within my human heart, I will never completely trust that person again.

We must be able to trust those we elect to speak for us. If they are only in office for themselves, it's time for them to vacate. We elect them. They are there for us and for the greater good of this country and the freedoms paid for with the blood of patriots.

Our Founding Fathers pledged "our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor" in the creation of our country. In many cases they forfeited the first two but certainly not the last. 

In the end, we cannot be defined by our political affiliations but rather by our common humanity and the fact we are all Americans. If we lose that, we lose ourselves.

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