Friday, May 10, 2013

The Trouble with Writing

The trouble with writing is
you can never finish.
No matter how much you write,
there's always more to be written:
another scene,
another conversation,
another crisis
lurking in the wings
of the writer's mind.

The trouble with a story is
it never ends.
So if you think you've written the last chapter
of your Great American Novel,
solved the problems,
killed off the villains,
wedded the heroes,
and tied up the loose ends
of all the characters' lives,
you are mistaken.

After the book has gone to print,
you will lie awake and think of more.
You will dream of the unwritten scenes
and the unspoken words.
In your mind,
the story will go on forever.

It isn't over because
you aren't over,
and as long as you live,
your story will live, too.

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