Saturday, May 4, 2013

Everyday Heroes

My friend Cyn is an Everyday Hero to me. A while back, she found a mother cat and three kittens set loose to fend for themselves and became surrogate mother to all. The mother produced another litter before Cyn could blink, so she took them in, too. She made sure there would be NO MORE litters--which is what all responsible pet owners should do!

Recently she wrote about her 'rescue' experience, and I asked permission to post this beautiful poem on my blog. She graciously gave permission. It will touch your heart as it did mine.

 A Magical Word… LOVED

I should have put a fence around my heart,
I should have bricked it up, so was there was no way,
For you to get in.

I should have wore earplugs
So I would not have heard your low murmurs,
I should have tuned you out and gone about
With my own business.

But I didn’t I took those few minutes, To listen to you,
To look into your eyes,
To see the fear the not being sure if you would
Be safe if you let me into your world.

Yes you murmured as you snuck through a crack,
I did not know was there.
A crack I thought was close tight.
No one could get through. No one should have gotten through.

But little by little every day you came back and watched and listened
You showed me things I had almost forgot,
The fun in playing in the leaves, or chasing a butterfly
Or laying in wait to scare someone.

How much fun it was to see you climbing trees
And just laying in the sun not letting the loud noises bother you.
As you slowly started  to feel safe maybe here you could be you
And no one would yell or hurt you.

Yes every day you stayed I got where I looked forward to seeing you
 getting to know you as only you could show me.
All those things that screamed LOOK at me,
Can you do this Naa Naa

Then one day I got close enough to touch you
To feel you in my arms, hear those murmurs
When you were not trying to be loud.
To just hold you and talk to you.

I looked into those eyes that now held a glint of hope
I saw  joy not fear, some trust, not worry.
I felt you loosen up and just be, not fighting to get away
To settle down and fall asleep in my arms.

You look like you could see through me, now I could see your soul
You could see mine and see you were safe I was not going to hurt you.

Now I watch you play and enjoy your freedom.
To show joy, to realize you can be you and no one will shut you out.
To have something to eat when you want it and not have to sneak around
Or fight to keep it. To know someone will talk to you at odd times during the day.

To be picked up and petted and make of, to have a place to sleep,
Even if it is snowing you are not in it, or trying to find a place to get out of it.
That the sounds of the night are not so scary or lonely 
'Cause in the daylight
There will be someone to talk to you and to make you feel safe
and that magical word LOVED.

~~~~Cynthia Ann Merrick

  "Mamma" Patches--fine and fat and baby-free forever!

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