Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland - Chapter 20


            On the short drive to Dreamland, we mapped our strategy. Mitch would go to Bottles’ Funeral Home to make arrangements for his father, while I drove to the historical society office to see what Candace King wanted with me. At five-thirty, we’d meet at the hospital to learn what my mother had to say to Dr. Thomas about the damning blood report.
            But Candace wasn’t in her office. In fact, the entire building was locked up tight. I tried calling her cell number but got a message inviting me to leave a message. “It’s Trixie. Where are you?” I hung up and sat in my car trying to figure out the next step, startled when Rudy James tapped on my window.
“Are you all right?”    
            “I’ve been better. You heard what happened, I guess.”
            “Oh, yeah. Dee phoned me from work. Aiken is a basket case.”
            “Why? Is he a suspect?”
            “Chief Everton had been by to see him.”
            “What is it with Everton? We all liked him when we were growing up. He ran a tight ship, but he was pretty laid back with the kids.”
            Rudy gave her a look. “We’re not kids anymore, Trixie.”
            “Well, he didn’t have to be so nasty to me. He knows I wouldn’t murder anyone.”
            “He just wants to retire and leave a clean slate. What are you doing in these parts?”
            “Candace King woke me up this morning to tell me to call her when I got back to Dreamland.”
            “Where were you?”
            “In a hotel up the highway. The Lloyd House kicked me out.”
            “Can you blame them? They’ve had more notoriety this week than in their entire history.”
            “I guess not.”
            “What did Candace want to see you about?”
            “I have no idea. She was trying to get hold of Mitch, too, but he said he turned off his phone. I wish I had.” I hesitated. “Rudy, did you ever hear anything about why Candace really got an annulment from Guy Langworth?”
            “What do you mean by really?”
            “According to Mitch, his father was hitting on his stepdaughter.”
            “I’m not surprised, but no, I never heard that. Have you met her yet?”
            “Lindy’s a looker, but she’s a little strange.”
            Rudy shrugged. “Forget it. Where are you headed next?”
            “To the hospital. It’s a long story, but basically my mother lost it in the lobby of the Lloyd House at four o’clock this morning when Chief Everton finally let me go. Mitch helped me get her to the ER where they called her doc. He admitted her and sent her to la-la land until she got it together.”

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