Saturday, April 27, 2013

Crit Partner's New Publication

My crit partner, Billie Louise Jones, is multi-published in many anthologies. She talks about her newest below:

My short story, "Therapy Journal," appears in the Spring Issue of CALLIOPE, issue # 139. The setting is the Dallas Art Museum's Catherine the Great exhibit, a few years back. The theme is taking control. The issue includes a lovely poem, "Second Helping," by Michael Jerry Tupa. They also found an article by Jack London, first published in 1917, "Eight Great Factors of Literary Success." London being London, his list is not like a list a contemporary writer might make.

There are two magazines named Calliope. One is put out by Cricket Pubs for children. This one is the CALLIOPE  which is the official publication of the Writers' Special Interest Group of American MENSA, Ltd. Ordering info is on or at 5975 W. Western Way, PMB 116Y, Tucson  AZ 85713.

Her volume of short stories, Sunbelt Gothic, is available for Kindle at Amazon.   Visit her website of the same name. 

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