Sunday, February 17, 2013

Now about those REAL heroes...

I said I would be blogging about some real heroes, so here is the first:
 Desmond T. Doss
 the only CO (conscientious objector) to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.
Technically, he wasn't a CO, because he rejected a work deferment and enlisted with the provision that he would never bear arms--simply save lives as a medic. He was taunted and harassed, and at least one officer in his company tried to get him thrown out of the Army. Desmond's deep faith sustained him, and he persevered.
He first saw action on Guam, but it was during the long, bloody battle for Okinawa that he prayed, "Just let me save one more" and single-handedly took at least 75 wounded comrades from under fire (including one of the officers who had tried to get rid of him) and lowered them from a ridge to safety with a knotted rope contraption he had ‘accidentally’ invented in training. Finally wounded himself, he was being carried to safety on a litter when he saw a badly-wounded comrade. He rolled off his litter, tended the soldier before crawling the rest of the way to the aid station. President Truman presented him with the Congressional Medal of Honor.

His story is told in a documentary called “The Conscientious Objector”. This fascinating documentary is a must-see! In speaking of Doss during the making of this film, one of his former detractors admitted that he himself could not have endured the cruelty of his fellow soldiers--but Doss did.

Mr. Doss died in 2006 and is buried in a military cemetery in Tennessee.

You can read more in-depth about this unsung hero by following this link:

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