Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How Do You Choose a Writing Conference?

This year I'm branching out a bit--and hope I get my money's worth! I'd been thinking about the DFW Writers' Conference (May 4-5 at the Hurst Convention Center between Dallas and Fort Worth) for a while, and it looks really good. I'm not going to pitch (I don't think), but out of 50 classes offered, I should find some from which I can bring back workable ideas/information.

The other conference just popped up in my email through LinkedIn: Lexicon in Denton, TX in July. I liked the "no egos" carrot dangled. I don't do egos very well. (Read: I snicker up my sleeve!) Apparently there's a "bookstore" and author-signing area which has possibilities also. I've made a definite decision to attend that one.

So what's my personal criteria for a conference?
  1. Affordability
  2. Opportunities to learn
  3. Opporunity to meet other authors (not egos)
  4. Driving distance
Both of these events are on my calendar, one definite, one TBD (to be decided). But if you're at either one, look me up--I'll be the one people-watching and not saying much, but don't think I'm not taking it all in!

What do you look for in a writing conference?

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K9friend said...

I think my requirements are pretty similar to yours, although I have friends who do at least one big national conference each year.

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