Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bookmarked and Forgotten

I'm an inveterate cyber book-marker. You know, that blog I want to remember, the page which will make a great reference for a new story, information to re-use for something (not sure just what), websites to study, conferences to consider attending, how-to's for ebook publishing and covers, marketing tips...and on and on and on. Not to say I don't ever go back and check one out, but I confess I don't make as much use of them as I should.

So I'll share some with you. (I know you're out there 'cause I see the viewer stats for this blog!) There's a great crop of sites bookmarked under the label "Dictionaries". To wit:

Internet Slang and Dictionary Translator

Behind the Name: the Etymology and History of First Names

Gangster Talk

Just a Few Words That They Used
(Civil War Slang)

Twists, Slugs, and Roscoes: A Glossary  of Hard-Boiled Slang

British Slang: 19th Century Lower Class and Underworld

Urban Dictionary:  Biker Slang

And speaking of bikers, I'm still open for volunteers to read/review a beta copy of the first book in my new Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mystery Series:  The Bogus Biker.  Visit my website for the particulars. I still have a few decisions to make before the series goes "live".

Anyway, I hope somebody somewhere will find just the link you've been looking for!

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