Thursday, January 24, 2013

Meet Penelope Pembroke and Company

Meet Penelope Pembroke, owner of the best (only) B&B in Amaryllis AR (pop. 5492) She's
  • flirting with 50 (read 'You're as young as you feel'.)
  •  divorced (read 'Travis Pembroke, cotton entrepreneur, had a wandering eye'.)
  • mother of Detective Bradley Pembroke of the Amaryllis PD (read 'She wishes he understood her as well as she understands him'.)
  • apple of her father Jake Kelley's eye (read 'She wouldn't trade him for two spotted pups.')
  • best friend of Mary Lynn Hargrove, the mayor's wife (read 'They've known each other since high school and know each other inside out'.)
  • and the only human creature tolerated by Abijah, the 18-pound orange tabby who stalks the family home-turned B&B.
Penelope keeps her ear to the ground, her eyes open, and her battered heart in solitary confinement. Then one night, while having a beer and a Reuben at the seedy-though-popular Sit-n-Swill, she meets Tiny aka Sam who is about as much of a biker as she is a belly dancer.

She insists on dabbling in danger and disaster despite Sam's best efforts to discourage her. The fireworks begin in Book 1, light up the skies in Books 2,3,4, and 5, and end in one spectacularly explosive display in Book 6.

Penelope Pembroke and the Bogus Biker, the first of the cozy mystery series now in revision, is ready for beta readers/reviewers. (Cover is temporary, btw.) The first chapter is posted at my website, so you can see if it's something you'd be interested in reading. FYI: It's approximately 51K words.

HERE'S THE DEAL:  Request a PDF copy of the book by email: judy at judynickles dot com and write an honest review. Send it to the same email address with permission to post it on my website and elsewhere. Then, when I get the book up on Amazon, I'll let you know and ask you to post your review there. Then I'll send you--absolutely free, no strings attached--a PDF of the second book, Penelope Pembroke and the Stubborn Schoolhouse Spirit. (Or, if you didn't like Penelope, I'll send you a PDF of any of the novels on my website!) I'd just ask that, if you pass either book on to anyone, you'd mention that I'd appreciate a review--but, of course, that's up to them.

Is that a deal or not? I hope so!

 When Penelope agrees to help Mary Lynn turn the old school into a community center, she isn't counting on what they find at the bottom of the 13 steps leading to the basement!

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