Thursday, January 17, 2013

Getting Started

Almost six years ago when I retired and became interested in trying to get published, I spent hours at the computer learning about the publishing business. It paid off in five book contracts and other paid/unpaid publications in magazines, ezines, and anthologies. Now, I'm interested in giving indie publishing a try, so I'm back at the computer in learning mode.

One good website I've discovered is The Book Designer (Joel Friedlander). Visit the site to download a free copy of Ten Things You Need to Know About Self-Publishing. It's 24 pages of good information. He talks about the usual: platform, social media, editing, finding an audience of readers, ISBNs, formats, budgeting, covers, and marketing--but with an eye to 'do-it-yourself'.

I printed out my free copy and put it in a three-prong folder for easy access to make notes and refer back to in the coming months. His site appears to be updated regularly with new articles and archived ones, and I'll be checking back for new ideas.

The concept of 'indie publishing' is new for me, and I haven't even begun to get my venture off the ground. I'm still in the learning process, and I'll share what I learn here at The Word Place on a regular basis.

Stay tuned.

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K9friend said...

Hi Judy! This sure sounds like an interesting venture. I'm going to pass along the information to a friend who is planning to self publish her memoir.

Hope everything is going well for you!

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