Monday, January 21, 2013

Coincidence or Miracle?

     This morning I booted up my lappy and set to work. Because I was having trouble printing, I disconnected the printer, hit 'restart' on the computer, plugged in the printer--and nothing. Tried everything I could think of, including taking out the battery twice so the computer would shut down completely. Nothing.
     Packed up and headed for store. Computer person tried to get lappy to boot. Nothing. Said it would cost the price of a new computer to repair. Well, I need the computer, so what could I do but buy a new one?
     At home, I sat down to read a bit, actually procrastinating setting up new computer. Most of my files were recently backed up, but I knew I'd lost my bookmarks. However, I wasn't going to pay for the file transfer, at least not right now.
     A couple of hours later, I decided it was time to bite the bullet, but something nudged me to try my OLD computer one more time. Plugged it in--and it booted right up. Now, what am I supposed to think about THAT?
     A friend texted, "God works in mysterious ways," which made me stop to think about it. I deliberately refrained from getting 'bent out of shape' over having to interrupt my carefully-planned day and drive into town (something I'm working on!) On the way home, I decided to think of the positives: Windows 8, which I liked upon seeing the demo, the purchase of MS Office 2010, whereas I'd been limping along with 2003 for far too long, AND the fact that I got interest-free financing for a nice window of time, even though I knew I'd have it paid for next month, so it wasn't going to mess (too badly) with my meticulously-planned budget.
     With all the positives, despite the necessity to spend money I had better use for, I said, "Thank You," and drove home smiling.
     I had a college professor who liked to say, "Life is just a series of unfortunate coincidences." I rejected it then, and I reject it now. Too many things in my life have been taken care of in ways too wonderful to be coincidental. Even in the really bad times, things have worked themselves out in a better way than I could have imagined. Miracles aren't outdated. Consider: Babies. The changing seasons. Love and laughter. A helping hand at the right time. Waking up every morning.
     So, I sat here and thought about whether or not I'm really 'obligated' to write this blog, and I think I am.
Even if I wind up having to buy a new computer sooner than I'd like, tonight I have my old friend back and was able to back up all the newer files plus my bookmarks without cost. Another positive.
     Thank You.

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Donna Alice said...

That's a wonderful testimony to patience! So many times we want to fret and fume and throw things - like the old laptop - when we just need to wait a spell and let God work. I'm glad you got things booted up and could return the new laptop. Look at it this way - the new one will be there at the best possible time when you really need it. :)