Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Writing is NOT a competition...

In the November-December issue of The Writer, Valerie O. Patterson has enumerated "10 Myths About the Writing Life". I want to focus on #8:  It's a competition. NOT.

Sometime in the late summer-early fall, I backed off promoting my books. First of all, I wasn't sure the return on the time and effort spent at the computer was really worthwhile. Second, I realized that I simply wasn't part of the "in crowd"--that is, my books are cool to lukewarm and certainly not hot! My audience is smaller and more difficult to find, BUT it is no less important.

I'm venturing back into the world of promotion, this time slowly and selectively. Yesterday there were 56 views here at The Word Place--and 2 "hits" at my website. Lots of lookers, two takers. That's okay. When I track the number of blog views and the corresponding visits to my website, I know I'm doing something right. Not big, mind you, but right.

Here's another "10" for you: "10 Ways to Build Long-Lasting Traffic to Your Author Website or Blog".

And four more:  "4 Online Haunts Where Your Readers Live"

Bottom line: I have something to say, and there are people who want to hear it, and I will find them. It's not a competition to be the most visible and/or sell the most books. It's about writing, because that's what I want to do.  

(I'm still looking for 100 followers here at The Word Place--44 to go!)

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K9friend said...

You're right. I sometimes get caught up in comparing what I'm doing with what others are doing and feel as though I'm being left in the dust. Writing is the important thing.

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