Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Spring Cleaning in December

Back in the summer, I left Facebook and haven't regretted it. It was a good marketing venue, but it also had some disadvantages which made me decide I could do without it. Twitter seemed a better, less time-consuming road to travel, but the problem was, I didn't really know how to use it. So I've been learning.
The result is that I unfollowed a lot of people, mainly because I don't read what they write, and they don't read what I write, so we really weren't interacting for anyone's benefit.

After some research, I discovered writers in my own genre(s) and groups/organizations which both instruct and help promote books, so I did some following there. The response has been great with a lot of those people/groups returning the follow.

 It's sort of like not going into a hardware store to buy lingerie. The sales folks might really want to help you out, but what can they do? And you can't help them out by paying them for what they don't have. Maybe that's a poor analogy, but it works for me. I want to be able to learn from/buy from/support those I follow.
As social media, Twitter should be mutually beneficial for everyone.

Since deciding to concentrate on Twitter, I've noticed that the number of visits here at The Word Place have increased. I don't get many (if any!) comments, but people have been here and, hopefully, have taken away some useful information. I've also seen more visits to my website and a better 7-day traffic average than before. 

My next task is to work on LinkedIn. Like other venues, I joined because it was (supposedly) a must-do, and I did it in too much of a hurry to really learn the entire scope of its inner workings. So it's back to the drawing board.

It's a crazy time of year for spring cleaning...but it's gotta be done!

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