Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Character Interview: Sgt. Dale McCord of "The Face on Miss Fanny's Wall"

TWP:  Welcome to The Word Place, Officer Dale McCord.

DM:  That’s Sgt. McCord.

TWP:  Excuse me, Sgt. McCord. I understand you’re working on an investigation at Miss Fanny’s, the bordello-turned-museum in Cedar Bluff.

DM:  I can’t talk about an on-going investigation.

TWP:  How about Tessa Steele? Can you talk about her?

DM:  It depends on what you want to know.

TWP:  You’re dating?

DM:  We’re good friends. We see each other when we can.

TWP:  Is the relationship going anywhere beyond friendship?

DM:  Possibly.

TWP:  She indicated to us that you’re opposed to her finding out why her great-grandmother was one of Miss Fanny’s ‘girls’.

DM:  Not at all. I think her genealogical research is just fine, but I’ve advised her to stay away from the museum until we get the current situation cleared up, and she…

TWP:  She isn’t cooperating.

DM:  She’s a grown woman, but she’s acting like an impulsive adolescent.

TWP:  Maybe she just doesn’t like being bossed around.

DM:  I’m giving her my best professional advice because I have a personal concern for her safety. She refuses to understand that--or she’s just ignoring it.

TWP:  So she’s involved in the ‘situation’ you mentioned?

DM:  There may be several situations, and yes, she could be involved in one of them. She just needs to be patient, and when things get straightened out, she can go on with her research.

TWP:  I’m sure you have her best interests at heart.

DM:  Yes,I do, and she needs to understand that. If she can’t respect my wishes--or at least, my professional judgment--then we don’t have much chance at a deeper relationship.

TWP:  Does she understand that?

DM:  I think Tessa understands what she wants to understand. That’s my pager. I’ve got to go.

TWP:  Well, thanks for stopping by. I hope everything works out, both for your investigation and for you and Tessa.

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K9friend said...

H'mmm. The sergeant is a man of few words, isn't he?

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