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Character Interview: Nick Cameron

Character Interview:  Nick Cameron
The Showboat Affair

TWP:  Yesterday we spoke with Jean Kingston. Now her new love interest Nick Cameron has agreed to weigh in.

NC:  Love interest? I know I’m older, but somehow that seems flippant to me. I love Jean. I’m in love with her.

TWP:  It’s apparent she feels the same toward you. Tell us about yourself, Mr. Cameron.

NC:  I’m an attorney. My son Charlie is my partner. He’s married to Dixie, the third member of the firm.

TWP:  A family affair.

NC:  You could say that, although Charlie…well, Charlie is opposed to my relationship with Jean, and I’m not sure why.

TWP:  You lost your first wife, I believe.

NC:  Twenty years ago. Charlie was eight. Sarah had seen me through law school, and we were finally able to buy a house and start a family. Two years later, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.

TWP:  A terrible thing.

NC:  She fought for six years. I borrowed money to pay for the best treatment available until the oncologist said it was no use. She died a few weeks later.

TWP:  And you’ve been alone since then?

NC:  I was never interested in another woman until I met Jean. She’s changed my life.

TWP:  I understand her daughter is opposed to the relationship also.

NC:  I think Juliana would be opposed to anything her mother did.

TWP:  Do you know Jean’s soon-to-be ex-husband?

NC:  I’m acquainted with him. He has a well-known investment firm in Houston. He’s…well, he doesn’t know what he’s lost, but as far as I’m concerned, Jean is well out of that marriage. She put up with his philandering for over thirty years.

TWP:  So do the two of you have plans to marry anytime soon?

NC:  Her divorce won’t be final for several months. And besides that, she’s finding herself for the first time--at least, professionally. I want her to have every chance to make a go of her business.

TWP:  But you really don’t want to wait on that.

NC:  From a selfish standpoint, no, I don’t, but she has the right to her independence. She’s earned it.

TWP:  She said the two of you are getting away…taking a trip to Branson, Missouri. I suggested the showboat dinner cruise.

NC:  Actually, I’d already made plans for that. It’s a surprise for her. I’m going to…well, it’s a surprise.

TWP:  We wish you both the best. Enjoy the trip, and be careful. She said you’d each had an incident of physical danger recently.

NC:  The police think they’re related, but I’m not sure. But I am sure we’ll be very careful. I don’t want to lose Jean…lose this chance at a new life.

TWP:  I’ll raise a glass to a new, happy life for both of you!

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