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Character Interview: Lenore Seldon

 Character Interview: Lenore Seldon
Where Is Papa’s Shining Star?

TWP: Today we welcome Lenore Seldon, administrative assistant to Alan Ashley who was with us a few days ago. Tell us about yourself, Miss Seldon.

LS:  There’s not much to tell. I graduated from business school and worked ten years for retired Judge Arthur Sutherland until his death.

TWP:  Then you went to work for Alan Ashley, right?

LS: Not right away.

TWP:  Can you explain that?

LS:  I’d rather not. Those intervening years aren’t pleasant to remember.

TWP:  But now you have a good job.

LS:  Yes.

TWP:  What is it like to work for one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in America--and one of the wealthiest and most eligible bachelors?

LS:  I’m grateful for employment. So many don’t have work. The Depression, you know.

TWP:  Right, but back to Alan Ashley…he’s quite handsome.

LS:  He’s my employer.

TWP:  Can’t he still be good-looking? Have there been other men in your life?

LS:  Not really. I was engaged briefly to the boy next door, but he died in France during the war.

TWP:  And Alan Ashley lost his eyesight in the same war.

LS:  Yes, but he manages very well.

TWP:  He says you’re a great help to him.

LS:  I do my best.

TWP:  Since you live in, you must spend a lot of time with him outside of the workplace.

LS:  I don’t know how it happened, but we have breakfast together and then dinner every night. Sometimes after dinner I read aloud to him, or we listen to music. But I’m well-chaperoned. His housekeeper Mrs. Swane lives in. And I’m going to get my own place when I get a bit ahead.

TWP:  He won’t like that.

LS:  It’s for the best.

TWP:  Is he easy to get along with?

LS:  For the most part. He still bears some bitterness about the loss of his sight…but mostly because it was the reason his fiancée broke their engagement.

TWP:  Have you met her?

LS:  Briefly. It was unpleasant to say the least. However, she’s very beautiful…very elegant.

TWP:  Do you see your working relationship with Alan Ashley transitioning into something more personal?

LS:  Oh, no, it can’t! I have…responsibilities.

TWP:  Can you share what those responsibilities are?

LS:  No. No, I can’t, and if thinks this interview will get him the personal information I have a right to withhold…

TWP:  Nothing like that, but be honest. Aren’t you the least bit interested in him, woman to man?

LS:  I can’t be. You don’t understand. He’d never understand either. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to excuse me. I must transcribe some notes into Braille before his meeting tomorrow morning.

TWP:  All right. We understand. Thanks for stopping by.

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