Saturday, November 17, 2012

Excuses, excuses...

This week has not been conducive to writing, and thus I am behind. I am so far behind, as a matter of fact, that I will have to write approximatley 5500 words between now and tomorrow night in order to be at the right place. Then Monday I have things to do, and Tuesday I'm taking off on my annual fall get-away aka some me time. Of course, the lappy will go along, but that doesn't guarantee getting/staying on target.

Frankly, I haven't bought into my story yet. I've come to a place where a major crisis has occurred, but I'm still not excited enough about the story to keep going and resolve said crisis. I don't have to finish, of course, but I want to as a matter of principle. There's really no good excuse not to do so.

Thus, to recap:
  • Alec has been dismissed from Belle Plain College.
  • Ruth has left voluntarily (read escaped!) after a horrifying attack on her reputation--and a stealthy one on her person.
  • Julia has left with her out of loyalty and also fear of being targeted for being Ruth's friend.
  • Royal alone is left to ferret out what he can about the undercurrent of selective persecution.
  • Just before leaving for Liberty Hill under the protection of Julia's parents, Ruth receives word that her father has been killed in a farm accident, and her little sister Rachel is staying at the manse--which means she's at the mercy of the Reverend Harbin Manning, whose lust for Ruth started all these intrigues. 
 Can it get any worse? Oh, yes, it can get a whole lot worse...if only I would put my fingers on the keyboard and get busy! And it is critical I do so, else I'll get so far behind that I'll just give up.

Anybody else out there as unmotivated as I am? How can we help each other get back on track?

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