Sunday, November 25, 2012

8 Ghost Stories and...

Ghost #1 - The Girl in the Mist:  In the 1920s, when the Crescent Hotel was a girls' school, one of the students fell/jumped/was pushed from the fourth floor balcony. A postmortem revealed she was pregnant,  a scandal for an unmarried young lady in those days. She's been "seen" at various times, the most recent being in a photograph of someone eating in Dr. Baker's Bistro. She appears in the window behind him and appears to be cradling the head of a baby. (I saw the photo.)

Ghost #2 - The Lady in White: Someone staying in a suite in the remodeled area once known as "The Pain Asylum" (see previous post) saw an upside-down figure reflected in the television screen (turned off) wearing a 1930s era slip or nightgown. Other guests have reported hearing the wheels of a gurney coming down the hall from that direction. (I saw this photo, too.)

Ghost #3 - Child: One of the nurses apparently brought her little girl, a child about 2, with her to work one day. The toddler fell over the railing into the stairwell and all the way to the first floor. Much 'activity' in this area has been reported. (I didn't see/hear any.)

Ghost #4 - Breckie: Breckie was the child of a professor at the girls' college. The family 'lived in', but Breckie, a delicate child because of a congenital intestinal malformation, wasn't allowed to go outside or play with other children. He has been 'heard' bouncing a ball on the third floor and saying, 'It's not fair!' A participant in a previous ghost tour, a teacher from Iowa, reported seeing a group of children running past her up the stairs and was asked by another child, "Which way did they go?" She said he ran up three or four steps and faded from view.

Ghost #5 - Dr. C. F. Ellis: The first physician employed by the girls' college has been seen in the elevator area across from his office.

Ghost #6 - Theodora: The petite office manager/administrator of the Cancer Curable Baker Hospital, has been seen by housekeeping staff outside the now closed-up door of the room where she lived. Room #428 is one of the three most haunted/most requested rooms in the hotel today. Theodora was a 'neatnik' and has been known to pick up towels dropped on the bathroom floor or even pack a guest's suitcase and set it in the corridor outside the door! When paranormal investigators (invited in by management) took a dinner break, they came back and found the door blocked by equipment they'd left behind.

Ghost #8 - Irish workman: Trying to attract the attention of a pretty girl below, this young man fell to his death during the construction of the hotel. Now guests in Room #218 report strange happenings in this area where he died.

The last stop on the Ghost Tour is the morgue where autopsies were performed on those unfortunates killed by the man in whom they'd placed their last hope. It's now a storeroom/workroom, but the accoutrements of its grisly history remain, including the 'cold storage' area for bodies. I won't relate what happened the night I took the tour, but you may well ask, did it make a believer out of me? Nope. But don't let that stop you from taking the tour--you'll enjoy every minute of it. I did.

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