Monday, October 1, 2012

Savvy Links

The Wild Rose Press, a terrific author-friendly small publisher, has launched its first subsidiary, Wildflowers Books. WFB is a self-publishing venture with for-pay packages depending on what you want. The difference is (and I consider this a biggie) is in the distribution feature which other self-publishers don't offer. In addition, the site has lists of graphic designers and editors from which you can choose to include with your package. You should take a look at this site even if you're not in the market for such a venture. Knowing TWRP, I predict success here. (Be sure to look at the FAQ section!)

I know I've recommended Writer Beware before, but a free email subscription is worth your while. Lots of scams out there --- so forewarned is forearmed!

If you haven't heard of Duotrope before, now's the time to check into this site with seemingly limitless information on limitless markets. It even offers a way to track your submissions, acceptances, and rejections and offers insights into the average length of time a particular market takes to respond (not what they say but what they do). You have to register, but it's free, and you can get updated information by email every week.

Looking for some "ready-writing" practice? Check out Easy Street Prompts for a daily visual starter.

The countdown clock is ticking at the official NaNoWriMo site. Come on--you know you're ready for "thirty days of literary abandon". What could be easier than 1,667 words a day...well, I can think of a few things, I suppose. But hey--no pressure! If you don't finish, no one's coming after you, and there's always next year...

So there you have this week's "blog" consisting of five links. If only one of them works for you, you're ahead of the game. So start clicking...

But hang on a sec. Can I resist throwing in a bonus link? Of course not, not when it's to my own website, which is chock full of good reads and interesting video trailers, not to mention MORE links...especially those to add my books to your collection... The site just got a major facelift and is ready for your visit and viewing.

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