Sunday, October 7, 2012

More Links!

MORE LINKS! Can a writer ever have too many sources?

First, even if you're not a genealogist, check into Legacy Stories and take advantage of their free shoebox account to post (privately or publically) stories you'd like to pass on to your children and grandchildren. You can also upload pictures and record your own voice for posterity as you describe them. If you're not sure what to write, go with their weekly story prompts emailed to you.

Would you like your short stories available in coffee shops around the country? Check into the possibilities of Sips Cards. You pay $5 to submit two stories of up to 3000 words each. If a story is accepted, you earn $50 and publication in the magazine which can be accessed with a QR code found on a 'sips card' at various coffee shops. The name comes from the idea that the story should last about as long as a cup of coffee. The stories can also be accessed online.

Looking for just the right setting for a story? Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel Magazine is one of the best subscription deals around--$12 for 8 issues and worth every cent! Lots of great pictures to inspire your next writing venture. See their website to subscribe.

Women writers check out the publication Room which is a paying market for fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction by women. Learn the particulars at their website.

Finally, for 125 years' worth of writing advice, take a look at Best of the Writer: Timeless Tips from Top Authors , which can be pre-ordered from Amazon.

Five more great links, and you found them here at The Word Place!

Recommended Reading from the October 2012 issue of The Writer Magazine:
  •  Advice from the Crypt (What would Edgar Allan Poe tell us?)
  • On Finding Stories That Need to Be Told (Author John Dufresne's advice)
  • Set Your Writing Free (Don't let "demons" squelch you as a writer!)
  • A Successful Journey into E-Books (They're no long the coming thing--they're here to stay!) 

The Penelope Pembroke cozy mystery series is coming, and the website will be available SOON!
  • Penelope Pembroke and the Bogus Biker
  • Penelope Pembroke and the Stubborn Schoolhouse Spirit
  • Penelope Pembroke and the Feed Store Floozy
  • Penelope Pembroke and the Possum Hollow Hullabaloo
  • Penelope Pembroke and the Larcenous Legacy
  • Penelope Pembroke and Sam's Last Stand 

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K9friend said...

Thanks for the links, Judy, I will definitely check them out. The "cup of coffee" short story one sounds very appealing!

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