Sunday, September 23, 2012

If you haven't heard the Laughing Bird...

     Okay, all you indie authors out there, if you haven't heard the Laughing Bird, you ain't heard nuthin' yet!
Let me explain. Rather, let me illustrate.

     Here is the new front cover for the first book of the new Penelope Pembroke cozy mystery series coming soon to a variety of eBook sites. I created it. Me, the one who always dreaded 'art day' at school, when my snowflakes were lopsided, my jack-o-lanterns grotesque, and my Christmas trees crooked. It took me half a lifetime to develop a decent cursive handwriting. In short, I am artistically challenged, and that's being kind.

     But I created this, just like I'm going to create covers for the other five books in the series. And, I enjoyed doing it! Now, this isn't my first try, nor even my sixth, but with perseverance, I got the cover the way I wanted it.

     And here is the back cover, since I plan on doing some print copies also. (The website URL will have to be added once I publish the website, but that's coming up!)

     So how did I create these masterpieces? (All you professional graphic designers out there are disqualified from commenting...hey, I know I'm an amateur.) I used a software I'd seen demonstrated during a free webinar on epublishing about a month ago.  Tight-fisted as I am, it took until yesterday to turn loose of the $37, the price of The Logo Creator V. 6. And then--horror of horrors!--though I watched the tutorial, I decided I'd downloaded the wrong software, not what I'd seen demonstrated!

     I fired off a pitiful email to the contact person, Marc Sylvester, and lo and behold, I had a reply in an hour or less. Yes, it was Saturday afternoon, but there was his patient reply in my inbox. I had not downloaded the wrong software and yes, I could create wonderful eBook covers with what I had. Even before I found his reply, I had discovered my error--so I emailed back apologizing profusely and explaining that I was a LOL--a little old lady self-taught in all things technological. He emailed again, glad I was happy, and signing himself ACD--Awesome Computer Dude.

     I have been happily creating ever since! And you can, too. Just check out Laughing Bird Software and scroll down to The Logo Creator V. 6. Listen, if I can do it, anybody can!
     While I'm at it, let me give a two-thumbs up to another cozy mystery series I just finished reading yesterday. In fact, I whizzed through it and finished Book #4 with total disappointment that there was no Book #5. Lorena McCourtney appears to be a prolific writer, and her Ivy Malone Series is not to be missed! She's my kind of writer--not a blush nor a gulp to be had anywhere in her fast-paced narratives. Check out her books at Amazon. 
     DO read the books  IN ORDER. The first, Invisible, is available free for a limited time. That's how I acquired it and quickly returned to download the other three to my Kindle for just under $17. Good reading--go get 'em!

PS I "borrowed" the LOL--Little Old Lady--from Ms. McCourtney. Ivy Malone is a hoot!

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