Monday, July 2, 2012

How it all began...or something...

Copied exactly as written on January 19, 1955 

I will NOT torture you with "Butterfly Net", "Hair Net", or the unfinished "Waternet". Thankfully, at least my punctuation and spelling have improved since then.


     My names Joe fishy, my partners Frank Sardine. My badge number is sardine, perch, and catfish. We checked in a(t) headquarters at 3 fish P.M. We were told the boss wanted to see us. The boss is Captain Cat Fish. The boss told us a fish was murdered, by the vicious killer, "The Hook!
     We found out Mr. Fish had one enemy. The Hook. We always knew who murdered the Fish family. But, we never could catch the hook. Mayor Fish called a meeting of the councel of fish. Mayor Fish's wife and four children, one uncle, 2 cousins, and 3 friends had been killed by the Hook.
     Mayor Fish and the Fish Councel stayed in the conference room 36 hours. Finally, Mayor Fish announced to the people of Fishdale a plan had been made. Some of the fish would go to the part of the bank where the hook always struck. A net would be taken along. When the Hook came into the water the net would grab The Hook, and guards would bring the most powerful weapon of Fishdale, the wire cutter and kill the Hook.
     Two days later a company of Fish Marines came marching into town. They reported all had gone well. The Hook roams no more!
     Dum de dumm, Dum de dum dum, Don!

The End

Now--is anyone else out there brave enough to share some of their earliest attempts at writing?????? 


K9friend said...

Tee-hee! Too cute, Judy! I'm afraid no actual early writings of mine survive. I do recall an illustrated story I wrote in frustration (at about the age of 8 or 9) where Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty get together and get married already! At the time I didn't understand that conflict and obstacles make the story.

Critter Alley

Nancy Jardine said...

Cool! I have nothing to add I'm afraid. Long gone.I do love fish though...