Saturday, June 23, 2012

If you had $1000 to spend on a...

Last week's blog took up the arrangement of our work spaces to make them more conducive to creativity and productivity. I viewed such a rearrangement as working with what we already have. Then I thought, What if an extra $1000 came available to fix everything wrong with our writing areas and/or design a brand-new one? I like to play make believe, so...

Requirements for new desk:
  • built-in place for printer on right side
  • built-in place for external hard drive, router, thumb-drive storage, etc.other similar devices
  • shelves for copy paper, photo paper, cardstock, etc. beneath built-in place for printer on right 
  • nicely divided drawer for pens, markers, stapler, stamps, etc. in midde
  • hooks/hangars on middle inside to store various chargers (phone, Kindle, camera, etc.)
  • slide-out for extra keyboard above middle drawer
File cabinets:
  • two four-drawer wood on rollers
  • one above desk for favorite photos and displayed keepsakes
  • one above desk (within reaching distance) for necessary resource books e.g. thesaurus
  • large whiteboard for making writing notes, plotting, creating characters, etc.
  • large bulletin board for keeping reminders, favorite inspirational quotes, etc. 
  • small refrigerator for Diet DP stash
  • shredder within reaching distance
  • bay window for desk
  • chimes to hang outside bay window
  • Adjustable with massage function and built-in foot-rest
Could I get all that for $1000? Probably not--but then again, $1000 isn't going to free itself from the budget and come drifting down as if from Heaven either!

Can I rearrange/reorganize to make do with what I have?  Absolutely!

So what would YOU do in your workspace if you had an unexpected windfall?


Ute Carbone said...

Hire a message therapist to come rub my shoulders twice a day? Hunched over the keyboard, someday I'm going to turn into Quasimodo.

Judy Nickles/Gwyneth Greer said...

I hear you! I try to move to my recliner with lappy whenever possible.

Nancy Jardine said...

Great ideas. Mine might be have a new room to put a desk in!

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I agree; we have no lives because wherelife lives we are up to our ears begging people to notice us. So much so in fact that we are annoying others.

There are several whom I click off before reading because they punch my buttons redundantly.