Monday, June 18, 2012

Creativity or Chaos?

UPDATE: Rosemary Gemmell is the winner of the PDF.

NOTE: I will be drawing a name from the commenters on last week's blog tomorrow. An unexpected medical emergency trip to San Antonio TX to be with my 3-month-old grandson has put me behind. Liam had open heart surgery at six weeks and is back for other issues. With his daddy working out of state this month, it was necessary for his Nanny to step in to provide support for mommy. I'm sitting here with him now, watching him sleep, and wishing I could unhook everything and take him home! Maybe another couple of days...

This week's blog addresses the place(s) where we create our masterpieces--our romance, adventure, fantasy, whatever our muse dictates. A thought-provoking article in the June 2012 issue of The Writer's Digest, "Declutter Your Writing Space in 2 Days" (Cynthia. J. Drake) told me what I already knew--but a quote from Milwaukee designer DeAnna Radaj brought it all clear as day:

Do you love it?
Do you use it?
Do you need it"

Obviously, if you can't answer 'yes' to each of these questions, you probably don't need IT in your workspace!
I'd never thought in terms of doing more than organizing items in the usual way. I'm re-thinking! My study will bear close scrutiny when I get home and back to work. I'll have lists in hand and a sketch of how things might be rearranged for easier access and being able to grab things 'on the go'. 

What does YOUR workspace look like? Is it you? Is it conducive to productivity? What changes could you make immediately?

And the clincher: if someone handed you $1000 to re-create this most important area, how would you use it? That's my subject for next week!

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Linda said...

I could really use a makeover in my workspace. I'm all over the place doing this and that, trying to remember where I put this and that. I have to say most of IT I can do without because I haven't looked at it for months.