Monday, May 21, 2012

What's on YOUR Bucket List as a Writer?


 'Bucket List' has, it seems, become a new catch-phrase everywhere. Even the invitation to my 50th HS reunion coming up in October asked for a 'bucket list' of things we still want to do, even at our age. (Avoid doctors? Hope our retirement funds don't dry up? Survive? You get the idea.) But as a writer--ah, that's a whole 'nother subject...

 So, here goes...

10 Things on My Writer's Bucket List
(in no particular order)

  1. Rack up some (really) decent sales on my five published novels. (I know, I know, they're not HOT...sigh.)
  2. Re-write all 6 Penelope Pembroke cozy mysteries and get them 'out there' as an indie.
  3. Keep current with my writing notebook; ditto the writing journal.
  4. Travel to craft/book fairs around the state and sell books.
  5. Meet the writers I've corresponded with via email and Facebook.
  6. Attend as many writing conferences as I can afford.
  7. Start sending out my stash of short stories to various magazines and journals.
  8. Find the right publisher for Four Summer Days.
  9. Attend a writing retreat (The Writers' Colony in Eureka Springs).
  10. Travel and bring home new writing ideas.
There it is, folks. I could probably add more items, but the above list is pretty inclusive. And, what's even better, everything on the list is doable!

What's on YOUR bucket list? Need an entire blog to tell us? Contact me and let me know when you'd like to guest!

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Lori Robinett said...

The #1 thing on my bucket list is to get a contract on one of my books. I sure like your list - and many of mine are the same! Congrats on making progress . . . enjoy making your list a reality!

Nancy Jardine said...

I've only got one published so far, Judy, with two new ones this coming August, but my 'bucket' list would probably ditto yours!

I will survive! Is that a song title?
Or my next book...erm..maybe I like that!

Beth Trissel said...

I love your list! Mine would likely read a lot like yours. Mostly, complete more stories and see them through to publication. Also on my list, don't die. :)

AnneMarie Novark said...

Great list, Judy.

Mine would be:

1.Plot stories better.

2.Write faster and more consistently.

3. Work up to writing 5000 words a day comfortably.

Happy Writing!!!

Judy Nickles/Gwyneth Greer said...

Thanks for weighing in, Ladies! We're all in this together, so upward and onward. Although, Anne Marie, 5000 words/day is a bit daunting...but I know you'll do it!

Darcy said...

Maybe in some ways we writers all think along the same lines because my list would include a lot of the items already mentioned. Like you, Judy, I doubt that I'll ever manage to write 5000 words a day, but at the moment I'll settle for whatever writing I can do and just keep my fingers crossed that I still sort of like what I've composed the day after I've written it. And Beth's final comment is spot-on. Stay as healthy as possible and definitely don't die (because no matter what our age or current state of health, unforeseen things can always happen), so that we can all live a long time and have the opportunity to concoct our stories. In my case, learning how to do effective promo (all right, learning how to do any promo at all) is a major bucket list project. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Lori Robinett gets that contract on one of her books. Oh, and I'm also hoping that once I sign out those dang capchas finally realize, no, I am really not a robot. Thanks for an interesting topic, Judy.

Judy Nickles/Gwyneth Greer said...

Beth, I have dragged my heels on seeing stories through to publication. Have a whole stable of shorts that could go out. My intentions are good...

K9friend said...

And you know what, Judy? I have every confidence you'll succeed in completing every item on your bucket list!

Critter Alley

Penny Rader said...

Can you elaborate on #3?