Monday, April 16, 2012

The (Writing) Notebook

Several recently-read articles recommend a writing notebook to organize pertinent information--like the articles on writing notebooks! Some suggest a writing journal to store items of interest which might morph into story ideas. With a file cabinet full of articles on every subject known to relate to writing (including promotion and marketing), should I even consider any new venue of organization?

After some thought, I've decided the answer is affirmative, but I've been slow getting around to it. The sum total of my efforts thus far have been to comb through the first four issues of this year's The Writer, snipping links, tips, advertisements for writing conferences, and parts of articles I've found particularly helpful. They repose in a pile on the small person's desk and must be off by Thursday when I take off my writing hat and put on my Mimi cap.

Decisions have been made: only one tome which will double as a notebook and a journal. After scouring craft stores and several online sites (and gasping at both the beauty and the cost of large hardback volumes), I went to my supply closet and unearthed a new2-inch binder into which I will place pages of sturdy cardstock which can be arranged and rearranged into various progressions until I reach the best one. When it's full, another can be procured at a fraction of the cost of the commercial journals.

I envision quiet afternoons of cutting and pasting, jotting down ideas and thoughts, letting my creative juices flow, welcoming my Muse to a virtual celebration of brilliant writing to come. I see snippets of information reposing on backgrounds of scrapbooking paper so as not to be missed, notes penned in wild hues, photos and mementos cleverly arranged and bursting with story potential. When I'm finished, of course. And I haven't even begun.

But someday...yes, yes someday I'll get around to it. Someday soon. This week even. Meanwhile, if you'd like to be similarly inspired, find a copy of the March 2012 The Writer and turn to page 38, where you can read "An Illustrated Journal Helps You Remember". Then just follow my well-thought-out plan of attack described above.

And do let me know how and when you accomplished this feat--if your Someday comes before mine.

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K9friend said...

Great suggestions, Judy. Scrapbooking is such a popular way to document memories. Why not do the same thing to document ideas?

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