Sunday, April 22, 2012

Three Weeks and Three Days or Two Too Many

The Face on Miss Fanny's Wall released on March 6, and since then, I've been promoting like a mad woman--or, at least, as 'mad' as I ever get. Now I look at the calendar and discover that Dancing with Velvet will hit the cyber-shelves on May 15--just three weeks and three days from now! It's time for the inevitable Personal Inquisition:
  • When should I start promoting Velvet?
  • Should I let up on promoting Miss Fanny?
  • Will promoting Velvet too early spark interest that's forgotten by the time it's out?
  • Will promoting a new book take the attention away from Miss Fanny?
  • Should it--could it--would it--ad nauseum?

The Face on Miss Fanny's Wall is an eBook only right now--hoping to sell enough to merit a print run. It's a romantic suspense, a tale of buried family secrets and revenge--and did I mention it's a bargain at $5.99? I've seen it on a few other eBook sites for $4.49!

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Dancing with Velvet will be available in eBook ($6.50) format AND in print ($14.99) from The Wild Rose Press around May 15. It's a World War II story set in my hometown in West Texas--a haunting tale of two people struggling to find themselves--and each other--in the midst of a world forever changed by the global conflict raging around them.

View the video trailer.
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Rosemary Gemmell said...

It's a lovely dilemma you have there, Judy! I think you'll have to have the two promotions on the go at the same time.