Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Marketing--I Don't Want to Hear About It (But That's Not an Option)

           It’s the anguished cry of both new and multi-published authors: I wrote the book! You mean I have to sell it, too? Yes, you (we) do. It’s Writing 101—write/promote/sell—it’s a package deal.
            The March 2012 issue of The Writer has one of the best articles I’ve read so far on the subject of marketing our work. “Market with What You’ve Got” by Michele Howe, author of 11 books and more than 1,300 articles and reviews, actually makes the task look, well, doable.
            She begins with a piece of great advice about making comparisons: Don’t do it. From the bare bones of writing to the selling of that writing, it’s strictly personal. What someone else does or doesn’t do shouldn’t make you feel less adequate.
            I particularly liked her advice about the time spent on social media, which can quickly get out of hand and become overwhelming—in my opinion. I know I could do better in this area, and maybe doing it three times a day for half an hour at a time (her prescription) will work for me, too.
            She goes on to detail the necessity and/or benefits of such tools as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, a blog, a website, and an e-newsletter. Then she suggests taking a look at ways to make yourself more visible: providing information on the web, writing columns for online magazines, writing articles about what your know, reviewing, searching the web for areas that mesh with your subject matter, asking for help from family and friends, radio and television, and YouTube.
            Her advice on good use of your time—developing daily habits for checking your sites and promoting your work—is valuable. Of course, you need to read the whole article to get the full picture.
            I’m beginning to get into a routine much like she recommends, but I still found her suggestions helpful. You can find her on the web at
So now for a little marketing of my own...
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Great tips

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I love that magazine and thank you so much for the tips!

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Judy, Thanks for calling attention to the helpful article on marketing.