Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Dark Side of Writing

No, nothing mysterious and shadowy about this dark side, just facts plain and simple. It's sort of like enjoying a delicious omelet and then having to clean up the pan--icky, sticky, a pain in the patoot. Alas--like it or not, if writing comes, can promotion be far behind? I think not.

We read about it, talk about it, struggle with it, sweat over it--but we do it. It can be a pretty overwhelming task, not to mention an unending one. New book? Promote it. Old book? Re-promote it. How? you ask. Tell me how! you demand. If I had all the answers...

But I've garnered a few ideas over the past four years, and for what it's worth, here they are (not forgetting those valuable links we all cherish):

(1)Have a plan: what do I want to do today? Do one thing everyday. (You will likely do more than one, because one thing leads to another.  Spend only the amount of time it takes to get that one thing done. Burn-out lurks behind that computer screen.

(2) Have all your materials organized in one place: tagline, blurb, excerpt, buy links, links to your sites on the web, ISBN (10 and 13-number), number of pages, copyright date, publisher's link, reviews, covers, formats, get the picture. I have one document with all of the above for all of my books--simple to cut and paste from that.

(3) Take advantages of the freebies first: opportunities to guest blog, free ads on various sites, free pages on various sites, regular posts on your own blog, promotional loops, chat rooms, various social media.

(4) Don't spend a ton of $ you can't spare on things like bookmarks, postcards, and other give-aways They'll find their way to the trash sooner or later (hopefully after being looked at and used to buy your book). Meanwhile, be creative--make your own. Save your shekels for your own book inventory, conferences, and those miscellaneous day-to-day expenses involved with showcasing your work.
Clip art
CoolTextGraphics (and logos)

(5) There's no "shame" in developing your own free or low-cost website. Actually, it tends to make you feel quite accomplished! You can spend some of your saved $ on your own domain name and transfer it almost anywhere. I once listened to a long 'rant' about how you OUGHT to fork over whatever it took to build a "good" website--and lo and behold, the ranter led by example...right out of business. (apps for websites)

(6) Learn how to make your own video trailers. Your cost is minimal. Set up your own YouTube channel--that's free!
(There are many more!)

 (7) Develop a good press release--and use it. All they can do is ignore it.
Newspapers (contact info)
Press Releases 1
Press Releases 2

 (8) Keep an updated contact list for announcements, and always give someone the opportunity to opt out of receiving them.

(9) Subscribe to free marketing newsletters (and use some of those saved shekels to sign up for inexpensive webinars/teleseminars or downloading inexpensive books--and keep an eye out for the freebies!)

Carolyn Howard Johnson
Dana Lynn Smith
Sandra Beckwith

(10) Help other authors--we're all in this together. Idea: Leave a comment on what I might be able to do to help promote YOUR book.

Am I taking full advantage of all these ideas and more? Not yet.
Am I working on it? You bet!


Vonnie Davis said...

Great blog and sharing of information as always. I love that you include helpful links. Thanks. Any time you need to promote, Vintage Vonnie is always available.

Christine Warner said...

Terrific ideas and suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to share. We are all in this together and it's nice that others that have a bit more experience are willing to help. That's the awesome thing about other authors they really are in this together!

And if you ever want to appear on my blog Christine's Words or Inkslingersauthors email me at

Happy writing!

Joanne Stewart said...

Excellent blog. I'm still learning about promotion, so I really appreciate when someone else takes the time to create lists such as this one. Like Vonnie, I also appreciated that you had links.

Lynne Marshall said...

It really is overwhelming isn't it. Thanks for the clear and concise tips. We really can only do one thing well at a time. Multitasking means several things get done, but half#%@*$

Nancy Jardine said...

Great ideas, I'm doing some but not nearly all. Thanks!

Loretta C. Rogers said...

Great suggestions. All of them are very helpful.

Isabella Macotte said...

Great, great post. So relevant for me, a newbie. Thanks for sharing!

K9friend said...

Excellent post, Judy. Thanks for all the links. I'm going to take some time and check them all out.

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