Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Welcome to The Word Place, Suzanne G. Rogers

What genre is the primary focus of your writing? Do you write anything else?
I write mostly in the fantasy genre because I enjoy it, but I’ve also written several mainstream short stories.
Where do you publish?
I’m currently published with Astraea Press, but I will shortly have titles at The Wild Rose Press, MuseItUp Publishing and Musa Publishing.   My short stories have also appeared in various online magazines.
What is your most important and most frequently used resource as you write? (This does not necessarily have to be a print/online resource.)
As I’m writing, I frequently pull up an online Thesaurus.  I don’t like to use the same words over and over again.
What resource has been the least helpful to you? Would you recommend it to another writer with a different focus?
At the moment, most of my publications are e-books.  That puts a crimp in my style at Goodreads because they only allow hard copies in their giveaway program.  I wish they would consider e-book giveaways because I think their giveaways are a wonderful resource for authors as well as readers.
Do you consider a special writing place a resource? Why?
I enjoy writing at my desk, which has a view of a beautiful lagoon.  I think I could write anywhere with the proper tools (computer and Internet) as long as I have solitude.  I can’t write very well with anyone else in the room.
Can you share a resource you are using/have used for a specific current/past work?
I frequently use Google or other search engines to pull up photos of locations, people, vehicles or clothing I want to describe in a scene.  It’s easier to be specific that way.
Do you have any other resources you would like to share?
I have a background in acting and Improv.  It’s amazing how often I draw upon the skills I learned from those disciplines in my writing. 
Do you have a secret resource that you would never share? (Think chefs and top-secret recipes!)
I belong to several writers’ loops associated with my publishers.  The writers in these loops have been extremely helpful to me in many ways. 

After his father is kidnapped, sixteen-year-old Jon stumbles across a closely guarded family secret--one that will challenge everything he has ever believed about his father and himself.  A magical ring his father leaves behind unlocks a portal to another dimension, but in using it, Jon unwittingly unchains the forces of evil.  A crisis develops when a malevolent wizard transports to Earth to kidnap one of Jon’s friends.  With the help of some unlikely schoolmates, and a warrior princess from Yden, Jon embarks on a dangerous quest to free his friend and his father from the most vicious wizard the magical world has ever known.  In the end, Jon will be forced to fight for his life as he attempts to rescue the last great wizard of Yden.


S.G. Rogers said...

Thank you for having me on your blog, Judy!

Meg said...

The BLUUUUE LAGOOOOON! ;-D I would love to have that view too. Great post, and best of luck with all your books at various houses!

Calisa Rhose said...

I have yo say I really like this cover, Suzanne. Congrats again!

Nancy Jardine said...

I also use an online dictionary but I've got to get another one since it gives me British English. I need to buy an American one sometime. Wow! could put it on the Christmas wish list.

Liz Flaherty said...

Intesting interview. I'd be lost w/o the Thesaurus, too!