Sunday, October 16, 2011

Marketing Your Book for the Holidays

Janet Elaine Smith writes a regular column in The Writers' Journal on Marketing Helps. She's full of great ideas. Her column in the September-October issue is called "Try Being Crafty" and centers around selling books at holiday craft fairs.

Actually, someone recently suggested the local craft fair to me as a place to get my books out there. It is next month, and I expect it's too late to sign up for a table.However Ms. Smith's column has inspired me to at least go and inquire!

First of all, she reminds authors that books aren't typically sold at craft fairs, so the opportunity for sales is ripe. She suggests displaying articles relating to the subject matter of the book as good eye-catchers. Music works as an attention-getter, she says, as well as regularly-scheduled readings of selected passages throughout the day and perhaps a drawing for a prize at the end of the day.

I recommend buying the magazine for the full article. It's off the stands now, but I'm sure it's available as a back issue. She's multi-published, so take a look at her website. Also check out her Promo Paks: Nearly Free Marketing for Authors at  Unfortunately, it's not available for Kindle, and there are varying opinions as to its usefulness expressed in reviews, but it looks interesting to me.

A while back, a gift store here offered me the opportunity for a book signing during the holidays, so I'm thinking I'll take them up on it, perhaps incorporating some of Ms Smith's ideas.

How do you plan to promote your books during the holidays?

Judy Nickles


Beth Trissel said...

These are all very good ideas, but only if you have the book in paperback. More and more are coming out in eBook only these days. Maybe we need to create a virtual craft sale to include them in. Hmmmm...

Debra St. John said...

I have a holiday book coming out in a couple of weeks, so this was a timely post. Thanks!

I've tried a couple of craft fairs, and haven't had much luck. (But that doesn't mean you won't!)

Beth, a virtual craft that's an interesting idea!


Judy said...

That's the thing, Beth--how to sell ebooks! I'm getting ready to go 'indie' with my cozy mystery series, and someone told me that Smashwords (I think) will let you buy coupons to sell so people can go in and download the book. Wonder if that's an option with TWRP?

Judy said...

Debra--good luck with the new book! Tell me more about it.

K9friend said...

With no book to sell, I can only comment in general. Seems like events that incorporate theme-related conjoint activities help bring in people and sell books. For example, local writers selling an anthology with dog stories invited a pet therapy group to do demos. Sales were good.