Sunday, September 18, 2011

Selling Books on Amazon

Congratulations to Calisa Rhose who won the drawing for a selection of writing journals--and thanks to all of you for your suggestions!

Since beginning to research all things publishing, I've subscribed and unsubscribed to various newsletters and blogs, but one that has become a permanent fixture in my email is Dana Lynn Smith's The Savvy Bookmarketer's Newsletter. It's free, and at the time I signed up, I received a bonus ebook. I notice that she is currently offering 3 bonuses if you sign up now for her newsletter.

Recently I bought her ebook How to Sell More Books on Amazon, downloading it on my handy-dandy free Kindle-on-computer. Reading the book and implementing all possible strategies has been my focus this week. For example, I have
  • updated both Author Central pages (one for Judy Nickles, then other for Gwyneth Greer) with book trailers and edited bios
  • tagged all three books
  • updated my personal profile and created a signature which will appear each time I review a book
Unfortunately, I cannot sign up for Amazon Affiliates because, due to the sales tax issue, my state has been dropped from the program. But I did discover that all three of my books now have the 'Look Inside' feature--which I was going to set up, but it's already been done--automatically, I assume.

Still to be done are:
  • Consider an 'Amazon Bestseller Campaign'
  • Create a 'Listmania' List
  • Check out Amazon Customer Communities
The book has links for each suggested strategy. In addition, I'm planning a future (probably mid-to-late 2012) venture into indie publishing with my Penelope Pembroke cozy mystery series, and I made a note to go back and re-read Chapter 3 when I get to that point.

Do go to and check out How to Sell More Books on Amazon for $8.99. You'll get your money's worth.

Other books by Dana Lynn Smith
  • How to Get Your Book Reviewed
  • Selling Your Books to Libraries
  • Directory of Top U.S. Libraries
  • Facebook Guide for Authors
  • Twitter Guide for Authors
  • Successful Social Marketing

I share this information with no remuneration of any sort; rather, I'm indebted to Dana Lynn for subject matter for this blog and for all her great marketing ideas.


Donna Alice said...

Thanks for the info! I did go an subscribe to her online newsletter and got one ebook downloaded. Need to find time to read and implement some of the ideas. Let me know if any of this gives you more sales! That's what we're all hoping by learning new skills.

Judy said...

She always has lots of practical tips!

Beth Trissel said...

Thanks for all the great tips! Good to know I'm doing 'some' of it right.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting info. Thanks for the blog!