Monday, September 12, 2011

Old Writing Journals Never Die...They Just Pile Up

With apologies to General Douglas MacArthur, I submit these facts:

Old writing journals, well-read, highlighted, underlined, perhaps a big dog-eared, do not fling themselves into their own funeral pyre. Rather, they just pile up on my bookshelves or in the wicker basket beside my recliner. How to send them--honorably and kindly--to their final reward?

Four journals arrive regularly in my mailbox: Poets and Writers, The Writer, Writers' Digest, and Writer' Journal. I make every attempt--and usually succeed--to read each issue from cover to cover. I share them with my critique partner, who reads and returns them. Then what? I have a couple of options, neither of which suits me: I can toss them in the trash, or I can give them to the local library which has a room from which to sell donated books and magazines. I wouldn't mind the latter IF I felt that writers would find the magazines and plunk down their dimes. I suppose that any magazines there too long receive a one-way trip to the dumpster.

One of the magazines, to which I'm less attached (it's thicker and a bit more technical) is available for Kindle. I will go that route when the renewal comes due. Still, three magazines remain to be dealt with in some "green" fashion. I recycle cardboard, glass, plastic, and aluminum cans, so surely I can recycle these writing magazines.

If you do not subscribe to any of these treasures and would like to browse, leave a comment with a suggestion for recirculating them among other writers, and I'll draw a name for the January-March issues of each. I'll even pay the postage!

Think! (I don't have time right now.)


Lynne Marshall said...

Hi - I give my old writing journals to my local public library. They often wind up in the Friends of the Library section, but that is good for a penniless author who might need a great article on POV or How to Write that Killer Query.

take care, Judy.

Katherine said...

Hi Judy,

My first thought was to ask if you have a local writers group in your area? Even if you don't belong to it, they might be willing to accept the magazines for use by their members.

My second thought has to do with a friend of mine. She gets a number of knitting/crocheting type magazines. After she's finished with them, she posts on her blog and facebook page about the magazine and asks if anyone wants it to get in touch with her. I'm not sure how she gets it to them though in terms of who pays the postage.

Calisa Rhose said...

These sound wonderful. I need to subscribe to one or two help mags some day. Could you offer them at a romance writers' meeting?

Penny Rader said...

I love the idea of writing mags being donated to the library. I'd be tickled if I went into our library's book store and was able to pick up issues for 10 - 25 cents a piece.

If you belong to a writers group, does your group have a lending library for members? Maybe you can add your magazines. Or if your group has an email loop you might send a post that you have writing mags looking for a good home.

I've never had a chance to hang out at a coffee shop and write so this might be completely off base, but could you leave a couple issues on a table for someone to look through or would they just end up in the trash?

K9friend said...

All my subscriptions have lapsed, so I read them on-line or not at all. Of course, that doesn't help with your current crop of mags!