Sunday, August 28, 2011

Promotion: Playtime or Paytime?

I spent yesterday unsubscribing to a large number of newsletters which, while they looked interesting, have little relevance to what I'm doing. In short, I overextended myself and wore out the delete button. BUT the two newsletters I did NOT chunk and NEVER WILL  are Hope Clark's Funds for Writers/Small Markets and Dana Lynn Smith's Savvy Bookmarketer Newsletter. Both are free. So get over there and sign up for these gems if you haven't already.

But I digress. I recently read an article in the Savvy Bookmarketer by Robin  Hoffman: Using the Calendar to Promote Yourself and Your Book. She finished by saying, "So, do a little research and look up unusual holidays, take note of the ones that you can tie to your message, and brainstorm ideas. Plan the year in advance. You can even write the press releases months before--waiting and ready to send out as the date nears."

I found a recommendation elsewhere for Chase's Calendar of Events, which is apparently updated yearly. The 2012 volume is not yet available on Amazon, but it's too rich for my blood--$70+. Even last year's edition is priced at around $52. So...

Go here for free--"Calendars: A Guide to Locating Events for Each Day of the Year". You'll find links to the following which produce more links, ( ) denotes how many links.

  • Today's Date (15)
  • Historical Events and Birthdays, General(17)
  • Historical Events and Holidays; Regions and Countries(18)
  • Astronomical Events (6)
  • Historical Events and Birthdays: Specific Subject Areas (42)
  • Holidays and Festivals: General (5)
  • On This Day in Military History (5)
  • The Religious Year (13)
  • Timelines (8)
Plus three bonus categories: Timelines (8), The History of the Calendar and Clocks (10) , and Create a Calendar (9)

These links aren't just useful for promotion. In fact, I'd say they were even more useful for researching your next story! Bookmark the site, then print out the lot--7 pages--and file them in a pocket folder. The pockets will be useful for storing related clippings from newspapers and magazines.

I noticed--and should definitely credit--someone named Linda Bertland, a school librarian, who maintains this treasure trove!


K9friend said...

You find the most interesting things, Judy! I'll have to check that one out.


Judy said...

I just stumbled on this one, and it was too good not to share!

Carolyn B said...

Judy - I love your calendar links! But don't give up on the pricey Chase's Calendar of Annual Events before you check your local library. We get a new one for my library reference collection every year. Definitely fun to browse through.

Judy said...

Thanks, Carolyn, I'll definitely check it out. We have such a great library here in HS and a staff that can't do enough to help. Hope to see you in Eureka Springs next month!