Friday, April 15, 2011

Welcome Last Rose of Summer Editor, Aly Ottomeier

The official release today of The Showboat Affair begins a two-week Last Rose of Summer Event here at The Word Place. To get things going, please welcome LROS editor Aly Ottomeier who is, as it happens, the editor who took The Showboat Affair from manuscript to print, as well as helped me grow as a writer.

     It is my very great pleasure and honor to kick off Judy’s blog festival celebrating the release of her novel The Showboat Affair, published by The Wild Rose Press. As the editor, I might be biased in stating that this is a wonderful story about love, loss, forgiveness, and redemption, and a great example of the stories that can be found in the Last Rose of Summer line from The Wild Rose Press.
     The Last Rose of Summer line asks “Who says love is only for the young?” Our heroes and heroines are older, and have been out in the world. They may have already experienced the wild passion of love in their 20s and then lost it later through death or divorce. Others may have not had the chance for love yet, and become resigned to life without a happy ever after. Falling in love when you’re young is hard enough. Falling in love later in life can unearth the same insecurities that haunt the young and bring new ones only age can bring: wrinkles, sagging, middle-age spread – proving love really does conquer all!
Last Rose authors have shown that love can happen after divorces, both hostile and amicable. Widows and widowers have discovered that love doesn’t have to end with the loss of a beloved partner; the second time around can be just as sweet and fulfilling as the first time. In the Class of ’85 series, authors tackled that other age old question “What if…..?” by weaving stories around a high school reunion. Having older heroes and heroines provides authors greater depth of character to develop and weave stories around, and readers can only benefit from that.
     Judy has invited several of her fellow Last Rose colleagues to help celebrate the release of The Showboat Affair by talking about their titles, and why they were inspired to write tales with older heroes and heroines for the Last Rose imprint. I look forward to reading each of their blog entries and I hope you are as well.
After all, love isn’t only for the young; it’s for the young of heart.

Monday:  Bess McBride, author of LROS novel A Trail of Love

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Sue Palmer Fineman said...

Nice blog, Aly. Sometimes the second love goes deeper and is more fulfilling than a first love.

Thanks for doing such a good job editing The Mitchell Money.

Lynne Marshall said...

Hi Aly! thanks so much for the blog. You hit the nail on the head, and I like to say it's never to late to fall in love.

I'm so glad TWRP has a line of books for us "more mature" gals.
: )