Monday, April 4, 2011

A New Twist in The Writer's Life!

April was already going to be a busy month with the release of The Showboat Affair on the 15th. After a Release Day Party at Goddess Fish Promotions, I'm going on a virtual blog tour (stay tuned for the complete schedule!) as well as having a blog event here at The Word Place. From April 15-29, Last Rose of Summer authors from The Wild Rose Press will share their books in this romantic subgenre, as well as their motivation for writing them.

Then, TWRP Retreat is coming up in May, and in July, edits begin for The Face on Miss Fanny's Wall, recently contracted by Champagne Books. Several promotional trips loom in between!

However, as of today, the 'teacher' hat will have to share space on my head with the 'writer' hat, because, for health reasons, I am taking over my almost-four-year-old granddaughter's preschool/daycare at least through the spring and possibly the summer. For the times I'm out of pocket, which won't be often or for long, other arrangements are being made.

I've been busily preparing lessons and activities for her and have discovered that there is wonderful FREE curriculum online! I've bought supplies and set up her little table and chair in my study for 'school' after breakfast. She has her playroom in the guest bedroom, and she still takes long naps after lunch. Before the weather gets too hot, we can go outside in the afternoons to walk, ride her tricycle, sit in the swing and read, etc.

She is a most agreeable little person, and once we get our routine going, we'll both benefit. It occurs to me that I just might be more productive writing-wise if I have less time! We shall see.

Meanwhile, come back to The Word Place, and also visit my website for the schedule of exciting things going on in April!

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K9friend said...

You are one very busy lady! I'm sure the return to teaching will be very rewarding for both you and the "little person".