Monday, March 28, 2011

Where I am today...

Today I'm a guest at Liz Arnold's blog talking about The Showboat Affair, due for release April 15.

April will be a busy blogging month for me. Goddess Fish Promotions is doing a virtual blog tour to announce the new release. Check back for information about the release day party! And there's a trailer in the works, too.

Also on April 15, Aly Ottomeier, TWRP editor in the Last Rose of Summer department, will be kicking off my special blog event which will spotlight other LROS authors April 18-22 and April 25-29.

Throughout the month, I'll be guesting at various other blogs. Watch The Word Place or my website for a complete schedule.

If you're on my mailing list, you'll be receiving an announcement of the book's release, as well as coupons for some really special deals! If you're not on the list, shoot me an email at, and you'll be there!

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