Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fool for Romance Day at The Word Place

Today I'm participating in Crystal Rain-Love's Fool for Romance Contest. At the end of the day, I'll draw one name from among those who have (1) left a comment here (2) followed my blog (3) friended me on FB and (4) liked my FB Fan Page, Someday Is Here. Just a few clicks will enter you to win a basketload of goodies and even a KINDLE! My contributions to the goody basket are a CD of my books Where Is Papa's Shining Star? and Finding Papa's Shining Star, a bottle of Moonlight Paths body lotion from Bath and Body Works, and a cute pink compact mirror engraved with the information about my upcoming release (April 15) The Showboat Affair written as Gwyneth Greer.

So hand on mouse and start clicking!

Each week at The Word Place, I try to share some information about writing that I've found interesting and/or helpful. I subscribe to four writing magazines--Writer's Digest, The Writer, Writer's Journal, and Poets and Writers. I justify the price of the subscriptions two ways; (1) I don't eat out at fancy restaurants where one meal would equal the cost of at least one magazine and (2) often, when I renew, I am offered a free subscription for a friend, and it's always nice to pass along a goody to a writing friend.

But today I want to mention three magazines which are also good resources for writers. Sometime ago, I had a mail offer of a free year of Better Homes and Gardens, which I jumped on. Whether or not I renew, I have twelve issues chock full of pictures to give me ideas for story settings. The second magazine, Budget Travel, is a definite keeper. I may never travel to all the places profiled in the magazine, but I can dream--and use them as settings. In the back of each issue is a Free Travel Info page with a postage-paid card on which to check off which places you'd be interested in receiving information from. It's like giving myself a free gift every month! And who knows when I'll hit on the perfect setting for my next tale while browsing through these tourist brochures. The third magazine is Reminisce, a reader-written periodical full of wonderful pictures and stories from yesteryear. A picture of four twenties-era children sparked the idea for my 2009 NaNoWriMo novel, Keeping Promises.

What other magazines can you think of that might spark ideas for characters, plot, setting, etc.?

I forgot to mention my own special contest! Go to my website and click on 'Excerpts' to read the first chapter of my upcoming release, The Showboat Affair. Then email me with the answer to this question: Where did Nick and Jean first meet?
One winner will be drawn from all those who respond for a CD of the book plus another surprise goody or two (or three).

TOMORROW: Visit Lynne Roberts to continue toward the prize!


Mark said...

Thanks for participating in the contest! I would never have known about you otherwise. I've done all four but from different email addresses, google and yahoo. You'll see me as Mark, Mark Murray, wv_mark at yahoo dot com, or wvmarkmurray at gmail dot com.

I read your excerpt and will put your book, The Showboat Affair, on my to read list.


jenlowery said...

I like to thumb through travel magazines for exotic locations to set my stories. Thanks for participating in the contest and the great opportunity to win a kindle. Moving on to complete the next step :)

Maria said...

My dentist and CPA have awesome travel magazines in their offices. Makes the visits more bearable, you know? My facebook is Maria Yerton, my email is riay@cox.net

Mark said...

I had to think about the magazines. I typically write fantasy, so my settings aren't normally real. I see magazines in the store, but never really thought about them as resources for settings. Ack. Guess I'm more new school because I use the Internet for a lot of things.

If anyone would like a magazine for a beautiful rural setting, though, the Wonderful West Virginia magazine would be great.

For the west and westerns, I think American Cowboy is good.


Grammi6kids said...

I am always looking for new authors for books to read. I read your excerpt The Showboat Affair. It is definately going on my TBB list. I have put your web page in my favorites.
Mary Campbell Grammi6kids@aol.com

willow said...

Thanks so much for participating in the contest. The more the merrier! My husband takes Archeology magazine and that is a great one to be able to plot and dream about.

Kay V said...

Hi there!
So, You have pushed me beyond my limits. I somehow ot lost on here and felt that I HA Dto create a blog in order to respond on your blog. I am no offically a blogger! I am so glad you are part o fthe ocntest as I am excited to see so many new and different authors out there!

Kay V said...
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Sara Thompson said...

I like to get travel brochures from travel agencies. They have the best pictures. I, also, watch a lot of travel shows.

Kay V said...

LOL Can't spell today! I am very sad, because I know where Nick and Jean first met but for some reason, I cannot get to your email.....Bummer =0(

Judy said...

I'm enjoying reading all the magazine suggestions! Thanks for sharing.
KayV try judy@judynickles.com

Lynne Roberts said...

Hi Judy!

Thanks for the info on the helpful magazines. I subscribe to Writer's Digest, but I haven't heard of the others... tax write-off, right?

I love your idea! Using pictures from travel magazines is brilliant. In particular for those of us who can jet off to Europe for the summer. ; )

Thanks for an awesome blog post!

rbooth43 said...

My favorite magazine is Reminisce, a reader-written periodical full of wonderful pictures and stories from yesteryear. The photo's and articles are awesome!
rbooth43 at yahoo dot com

SiNn said...

aweosme contest the book sounds great!

i sent you an email