Monday, March 21, 2011

Blog Event: Snow on the Roof and Fire on the Hearth

    Ah, spring! Love is in the air! First date, first kiss, puppy love, the real thing...but wait! Who said love is only for the young?
    Just because there's snow on the roof doesn't mean the fire has gone out on the hearth! Love is lovelier the second time around...Love like this is wasted on the young...When I grow too old to dream...Silver threads among the gold...Oh, it's a long, long time from May to December, but the days grow short, when you reach September.Come on, you've heard the songs! You just didn't believe what they said, right?
    At The Wild Rose Press, love is for everyone (and perhaps, with their vampires,shapeshifters,selkies,etc., for everything)! Their Last Rose of Summer line celebrates older, experienced, more mature lovers--which is exactly what Nick and Jean are in my new novel The Showboat Affair, due for release around April 15.
    To celebrate Release Day, I've created a unique blogging event here at The Word Place. Between April 15 - 29, LROS authors will share their inspiration for writing this particular sub-genre.
    Romeo and Juliet just didn't get it--but people like Jimmy Durante did when he sang Young at Heart. So join the fun--enter a contest or two--and leave a comment on every blog between April 15-29 to be entered in a drawing for the ebook version of The Showboat Affair!

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Jannine Gallant said...

Hi Judy,

I meant to e-mail about this and lost the post. I have 3 Class of '85 books with LROS and would love to participate. Please contact me at if you still have spots.