Monday, February 21, 2011

Websites You Shouldn't Miss--and a Contest Likewise!

This week's blog focuses on a few of the huge number of writing websites out there in cyberspace. It's easy to get overwhelmed with information--much like a seven-course meal! So take it in small bites and spend plenty of time chewing (reading, thinking), and your writerly digestion will thank you!

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing

Writer Beware Blog (previously recommended)

Duotrope's Digest (jobs and markets)

Funds for Writers (previously recommended--don't miss this!)

Writer Gazette (includes potential magazine markets for those interested)

Absolute Write


Cool Stuff 4 Writers


Also, for any of you who enter the occasional contest, don't miss the variety of opportunities offered by Writer's Journal.  The Fiction Contest, with a January 30 deadline, is past for 2011, but there are others:
  • Short Story/$10/May 30
  • Horror/Ghost/$7/March 30
  • Romance/$7/July 30
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy/$7/November 30
  • Poetry/$3/ April 30, August 30, December 30
My all time favorite is their Write-to-Win! Contest. For a paltry $5, you have a chance to win $150 and a year's subscription to this excellent magazine. Also, first prize winners receive publication.There is ONE winner, but the four runners-up win a year''s subscription. I was fortunate enough to be one of the runners-up a couple of years back, and I even renewed my subscription when it ran out! I haven't entered again until this year.

For this fun contest, you must begin your story with certain words:
  • The road wasn't on the map, but... (deadline April 20)
  • The man grinned as... (deadline June 20)
  • Before the end of... (deadline August 20)
There is a word limit for each category. What I like about this contest is that it's fun, no pressure, good writing practice, CHEAP, and...did I mention CHEAP? Most writers count pennies, so $5 isn't unthinkable. I like the fact that the folks at Writer's Journal know this!

For more information, visit the contest guidelines at

If you decide to enter--and you place--let me know! I'd love to do a feature on you and your award-winning story!


K9friend said...

Wonderful suggestions, Judy! Perhaps they'll help me get busy!


jenlowery said...

Thanks for these suggestions. As an aspiring writer any help I can get is appreciated :)