Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is Anybody Out There?

     When I began to research information on how to get published, I didn't have a clue about how or where to submit. I spent a year 'surfing the net', learning a little here and a little there. I knew I wasn't the only writer around, and it would've been nice to have someone to commiserate with and learn from, but that piece of information eluded me.
     But for any newbie who may be reading this blog, let me tell you that the internet abounds with sites where you can connect with other writers and hone your craft. By following the previous link, you'll find dozens listed in one place, and there are more.

Fiction After 50

Literary Magazines and so much more


Writers Relief

WOW Women on Writing

Bella Online: The Voice of Women

Get Published--50 Online Writing Websites for New Writers

     In this month's issue of The Writer Magazine, multi-published author Cyn Balog writes about how blogs and online networking helped land her first YA contract. This concise one-page article is worth a trip to the bookstore or library (p. 14).  Two sites which she recommends are Verla Kay's Blueboard  and the Absolute Write community.
     Writer's Digest publishes "101 Best Websites for Writers" based on readers' votes. Look for the best websites of 2010 in an upcoming issue.
      The links to these websites are only the tip of the iceberg--but better to start at the tip and work your way down than to start at the bottom in the cold, lonely icy water and try to work yourself up!
     You're not alone out there!




Anonymous said...

Great post, Judy and the links are a great idea. Thanks for "paying it forward"!
Writer Wellness, A Writer's Path to Health and Creativity

K9friend said...

Very useful links. Most writers I've met (online and in person) are so generous with time and advice!


Donna Alice said...

I love the Verla Kay website as well as others. Nice links.