Monday, January 31, 2011

Get Your Writing Year Started!


  I mentioned the Writer's Yearbook here a few weeks ago. It's a special issue that's not part of the yearly subscription, so look for it on the newsstand. A regular feature is "The Top 101 Websites for Writers", which make the list by nomination from the writing community at large. This year's list is categorized as follows:
  • Creativity
  • Writing advice (new)
  • General Resources
  • Jobs and markets
  • Online writing communities
  • Everything agents
  • Publishing/marketing resources
  • Genres/niches
  • Just for fun
Each site has a symbol to let you know what it offers:
  •  Advice for writers
  • Classes/workshops/ conferences
  • Contests
  • Critiques
  • Forums
  • For young writers
  • Jobs (paying)
  • Markets
  • Newsletters
  • On Twitter
  • Podcasts
There's also a link for nominating other sites or suggesting a new category for the 2012 list. (Put 101 Websites in the subject line.)

But that's not all in this great issue. Look for "The Top 100 Markets for Book & Magazine Writers", "The Must-Have Online Marketing Plan", and "The Quick & the Read" about writing query letters that will get you noticed. You'll also find a profile of the publishing trends of the past year and several articles targeting freelancers.

For $5.99, you can't find a better bargain.

Disclaimer: I buy my OWN copy of this issue every year! 


Emma Lai said...

Judy, I picked up my copy a couple of weeks ago. It's a definite must have.

Melinda said...


Where can you find these books? I live in AZ and I have not seen them

Please email me at


K9friend said...

Great suggestion. If the weather ever improves I'll venture out to look for it!