Saturday, September 4, 2010

Resources for Writers #33: Lists, Lists, and More Lists

How many times have you moaned, "Why can't ALL the resources I need for writing be in ONE place?" Like everyday for me! Of course, that's what bookmarks are for, and I try to keep mine fairly organized. So, from those bookmarks comes this week's blog--Lists, Lists, and More Lists!

If you don't click on but one of these links, make it the last one! At $1.99 for immediate download, you can't beat these little gems of information about markets for everything from science fiction to romance--and much more! Beats a more expensive book that you won't use but part of!

Leave a comment on this blog with one link to another LIST and be entered in a drawing for a CD of Where Is Papa's Shining Star? and Finding Papa's Shining Star.


Linda Morris, Romance writer said...

I subscribe to Duotrope's Digest. It's free but they do request donations if you use the service often to help defray expenses. You can subscribe for free and get access loads of access to info both online and in a weekly digest email. Their info is way more frequently updated than any printed resource. Here's the link:

K9friend said...

H'mmm. How about our Saturday Writers website? You can click on contests and find some good info.


Lori Robinett said...

I was struggling recently with writing a synopsis, and included a list of resources for writers:

(I'm sure I'm too late for your contest, but still thought I'd share the resource).

Enjoy your blog - keep it up!!

Donna Alice said...

Lots of good links on this one to writing guidelines for magazines, etc.