Sunday, June 27, 2010

Resources for Writers #23: Websites of Interest

No matter what genre in which a writer mostly writes, she never loses an opportunity to bookmark a site accidentally (or purposely) stumbled upon. It’s sort of like saving those rubber bands that come around newspapers or twist-ties from bread bags. You ‘might need it someday’, so it gets tucked away. So here are some good sites that I’ve ‘tucked away’ for future reference:

2)     The Criminal Justice Process (This one happens to be from NJ, but I’m thinking it’s fairly general and also that other states have similar sites.)

3)     List of Children of the Presidents of the United States (with links to their stories)

Admittedly, the foregoing is a strange hodge-podge, but some of the sites have links to other related sites—so you never know.

Never let a good website go un-bookmarked! You never know when it will come in handy—for you or a fellow writer.


Donna Alice said...

How true - I love coming across weird and unusual websites to save. Loved the rubber band analogy. :)

K9friend said...

You always find such interesting sites!

FYI, at our Saturday Writers meeting we had a librarian from the Missouri Museum of History. They have a fantastic collection for doing research, and I'll bet other states have the same thing. Many documents and photos are on line:

Margaret Tanner said...

How interesting. I always like finding new resource sites. thanks for posting.