Sunday, May 16, 2010

Resources for Writers #18: The Roaring Twenties

     Even for those to whom the decade of 1920-30 is almost 'ancient' history, just the phrase "Roaring Twenties" brings to mind images of flappers, the Charleston, and bathtub gin. It was definitely a time of transition from a quieter, more staid time into a preview of the future.
     We think about Rosie the Riveter paving the way for women to work outside the home during World War II, but women were at work, too, while their men were fighting World War I almost two decades earlier. And, in the years that followed 'the war to end all wars', many women didn't return to the kitchen and garden. As their roles changed and evolved, so did society.
     For those authors who write 'vintage' as I do, here are some useful links for researching the era that blazed like a shooting star before crashing to earth at the beginning of the Great Depression. Many of the links have inside links which will keep you busy pursuing every aspect of those years--architecture, medicine, social and political issues, fashion, furniture, entertainment--the entire spectrum of an age.

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Link 6 timeline

Link 7 books

Link 8 images

So bob your hair, rouge your knees, exchange your long cotton underwear for a slinky dress that's barely there, find the nearest speakeasy, and settle in for a trip back through time. There's a story waiting, you know!


Mary Ricksen said...

How fantastic of you to post these! Thanks! That's a lot of hard work.

Romy said...

Thanks so much for the links. And you're right, one bit of research always seems to lead into another, and another ...

K9friend said...

Great links! I'm going to have fun exploring them!


Historical Writer/Editor said...

thank you for the post. I write vintage too, and have done some stories set in the twenties. I appreciate the links. Happy writing. -laura