Saturday, May 8, 2010

Resources for Writers #17: The Perfect Place to Write


  Among the many things that writers need are places to write—preferably without INTERNET, which tends to be a distraction. You can’t plot when you’re checking email or watching U-tube or bidding for something on EBay. All right, all right, I confess, those things distract me, too. So this morning, as I write this, I am ensconced in my comfy Texas folding chair on the deck of an overlook here in the Village. NO INTERNET!

     It’s a fairly short drive from the house, up a bit of a ‘mountain’ with just enough room to turn around and head down again. There’s shade, a breeze, and some nice scenery—and it’s quiet. Did I mention that there’s NO INTERNET?!

     I’ve been here long enough for Victoria Lappy to use half her battery. Leila Josefowicz’s violin is crooning Alexander Glazunov’s Violin Concerto in A Minor op. 82 with the Symphony Orchestra of Montreal (Charles Dutoit, conductor)from the battery-powered CD player. Lady is on a 15-foot tether but has opted to climb into the back of the Trailblazer and keep an eye on things from there. And, of course, a cold Diet DP provides that burst of caffeinated energy I need to write one more chapter of the Penelope Pembroke cozy mystery book #1 and this blog.

     Sometimes we need a quiet place, a different place, and did I mention a place with NO INTERNET in order to be productive. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately in some cases), many places have internet access as well as refreshment, and we seem drawn to those because we like our creature comforts. What we need to be doing, and I’m preaching to myself most of all, is using every available moment to be productive in terms of our writing.

     So look around you. Is there a shaded pavilion in a park? A scenic overlook that might provide ideas for new settings? A small cafe that’s more or less empty at a particular time of day? An out-of-the-way bench in the mall where you can people-watch and make notes for new characters? A pullover on the side of a quiet country road where you don’t even have to get out of your car? A beach, a lake, a bus or train station, a chapel that’s open 24-7? (I don’t think God would mind. He blessed you with creativity anyway and would likely smile if you used it in a quiet corner of His house.)

     Happy hunting for just the right place for your next writing adventure!




Mary Ricksen said...

Pleassseeee!!.Take me with you!!!!

K9friend said...

That looks like a beautiful place to find inspiration.